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She’s an outsider in a strange land, an African-American woman in Japan, and a xenophobic sexual predator is trying to kill her. She’d go to the police for help except for one small problem: the warrant out for her arrest.

Book available on November 13th, 2018 - visit at


It’s a story of "Boy Meets Girl", but an Asian woman is already dead and stone tape at a LAUNDROMAT where a Caucasian man meets her. What will she look to from him?

  • Screenplay of the short version available
  • Prepare for shooting the short film next early spring
  • In development for the feature film


Inspired by the Japanese novelist Soseki Natsume’s I Am a Cat, the story is about a family as the new tenant for a house ghost.

  • In development


The freelance press photographer found a bag containing a lot of money when he tried to rescue a woman sinking in a flood where he was taking a photo as a job, and he ends up picking up the bag not the woman. Since then, he has had a dream about her. One day, when he had an accident against the oncoming car, he found an injured driver inside the vehicle, and she and the woman, whom I lost in a disaster site, were very alike. That was the beginning of the story about between the photographer and them. It’s another kind of "Boy Meets Girl" story.

  • Synopsis available